Clan Xperience

About Clan Xperience

Well, to tell you the truth guys, I don't know the entire story detail by detail, but I have been around long enough to know what's been going on...

Back in the day, the clan first started when one really cool guy decided he was going to start a clan. Little did he know that it would grow to be one of the biggest clans on Battle.Net®. This person's nickname was Pr0fessor-X --- Founder of Clan Xperience. As the clan grew, so did it's member count, and soon ClanETX.Com was opened. Sadly, today this site no longer exists because of Pr0fessor-X's retirement. Going a little further, we come to the time when Ghost-X gets permission from Pr0fessor-X to expand the clan from USEast to USWest, and thus Clan-X on the USWest server was born! After Ghost-X enlists Agent-X, (also known as Zer0Damage-X), for help, they get USWest running in Op Clan-X. Later on, NightMare-X creates Clan xTreme, which Clan Xperience ended up warring with because Clan xTreme's tag was -x and Clan Xperience's tag was -X. Both clans felt that they deserved the tag. A peace treaty was later made and the two clans merged to rid themselves of the tag confusion. Although Clan xTreme's name is no longer used in the clan, it is still the clan's a.k.a. name for USWest.

Eventually, Agent-X, (also known as Zer0Damage-X), had to leave for awhile as he was now in the U.S. Air Force, and was out flying military jets as his new job...lucky *******. As for Ghost-X, he retired leaving SugarD-x in charge of the entire USWest part of the clan. This new leadership frightened some of the members and the result was a major loss in the clan's member count. Around that time, Pr0fessor-X had mysteriously disappeared, which left l3lizzard-X and some other well-known members in charge of Clan-X on USEast. Clan Xperience had just entered a long period of hardships that would forever scar the clan and it's members...

On USWest, SugarD-x was struggling to bring the clan back, and at the same time on USEast, l3lizzard-X was attempting to do the same while he fought with other members for power and control of the clan. This fight caused alot of the remaining members to leave. Eventually, l3lizzard-X also disappeared for awhile for unknown/personal reasons. Meanwhile, SugarD-x was desperately trying for many years to balance the clan and his life during this clan crisis. During this incident, SugarD-x met TenderFoot, (now known as Spartan104-X or My-Plague-X), who turned out to be one of SugarD-x's best recruits to date. Spartan104-X, and another major recruit of SugarD-x's, HG-Bounder-X, have helped SugarD-x and the clan countless times. Today, they are the heirs to Clan-X, in that respective order, in the event anything should happen to SugarD-x. SugarD-x is Clan-X's current Head Leader of all servers, followed by his Leaders, Co-Leaders, and so on. Just to note Clan Legends are also always welcomed back, unless otherwise stated. As for Ghost-X and Baby-X, they are now retired and are proud parents of their awesome child. Pr0fessor-X is also retired and currently is focusing on his job and life.

In June-July of 2006, Clan-X was backstabbed by a now-former member named KillaMonkey-X, who was found guilty of his "dirty deeds" against the clan. He is now permanently banned and restricted from any contact with the clan or it's members.

In August of 2006, Clan-X was again backstabbed but this time by members who decided to take advantage of SugarD-x's involuntary/personal leave, and thus stole some members of the clan with which they recruited into the now infamous Clan FoG. Clan FoG's tags, members, and bots were quickly ip-banned and ****listed. SugarD-x then declared war on Clan FoG, and Clan-X later won after shutting down Clan FoG's channel and killing off the clan.

In September of 2006, Clan Sins attempted to massload Clan IXI on USWest and failed horribly. They were also ip-banned and ****listed on the spot. Although they have continued to spam, they have not been successful at getting a complete massloading in any of their attempts. Also around the same time, Clan-X expanded to the USHack server.

Sometime around June to December 2007, KBoy-X, (now permanently banned), caused the second clan schism under SugarD-x's rule. This time, while SugarD-x was once again involuntary forced away from Battle.Net, KBoy-X decided to let the clan channel, Clan IXI, die and remake it under his rule with a few of his own bots. This caused an uprising so large, it caused a clan civil war. Members on both sides were angered, believing KBoy-X had taken over and SugarD-x had retired and came back on one side, the other knowing the true story in which KBoy-X wanted control of the clan and was refusing to give back power over the channel. On December 10Th, 2007, SugarD-x, HG-Bounder-X, Spartan104-X, and TNT_600-X ended the war by finally gaining control over the channel and shutting it down. That same day, SugarD-x and HG-Bounder-X remade the channel back under SugarD-x's rightful rule.

On Wednesday, April 10Th, 2008, at 8:12 P.M. P.D.T., SugarD-x declared war on Clan cKz. Clan cKz repeatedly, throughout the day, enter Clan IXI and idled while spamming countless pathetic teenage insults towards our bots and a few "away" users. During this time, SugarD-x launched a counter-attack which at the time Was under wraps. The war had just begun...

A few weeks later, SugarD-x's counter-attacks, known as "Break and enter" and "Enemies Are Allies", successfully caused Clan cKz enough problems to finally shut down their channel and kill their clan. Clan cKz is no more, and although some members merged with Clan )cW( or went solo, we have had no more problems with them at all. Another war won by Clan Xperience!

Once again, beginning on Thursday, May 1St, 2008 at 10:15 P.M. P.D.T., SugarD-x once again declared war, but this time is was on the clan co-lead by the infamous "[email protected]". KingKilla made many attempts to evade our bans and continuously talked rudely and childishly towards SugarD-x and the clan. He requested war and SugarD-x immediately agreed and declared it. Clan-X was at war again!

On Friday, May 2Nd, 2008 at 3:56 P.M. P.D.T, the war with Clan HuT had ended. Due to KingKilla's constant abuse to his own clan, as well as his unofficial and illegal declaration of war on Clan Xperience, he was permanently removed and banned from Clan HuT. Clan HuT's leader, HuT, and Clan Xperience's Head Leader, SugarD-x, met in Clan HuT on the USWest Battle.Net server and agreed mutually that this war should end. It was at that point that the two clans became neutral and the war was ended through an unwritten treaty. Clan Xperience lives on to see another great day...

More to come of this story very soon, as we have much planned to add to it!