Clan Xperience


Featured Maps

Note: All maps are packed in a .zip file format. Please use an unzipping program to open them after saving them to your computer. These maps are copyrighted to their respectful owners and no changes are allowed unless authorization is obtained from the creator(s) of the map.

Clan-X Tournament

Description: Clan Xperience's official tournament map for Clan-X tournaments and events.

Xperience Recruitment Bound

Description: Clan Xperience's official recruitment map for bounders. Created by Zachary Gray (HG-Bounder-X).








Note: All artwork is copyrighted to it's respectful owners. Please do not claim this work as your own or you will be punished to the full extent of the law. For the following files in this section, please right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...", depending on your browser and system configuration.

Clan Xperience's Website Logo

Description: The logo of the ever-famed Clan-X used on both their current website and forums. This image was created and edited under both PhotoShop and The GIMP. It was created by Zachary Gray (HG-Bounder-X) and slightly edited for the website and forums by Jack Schappell (SugarD-x), who also made the original drawing from which this image stemmed from.

StarCraft II Immortals

Description: An amazing rendered image compilation of the StarCraft II unit, the Immortal, in a 1920x1200 pixel image. Concept and art by Blizzard Entertainment and StarCraft Zone.

"Natural" Zerg Artwork

Description: A beautifully-drawn and rendered 1920x1200 pixel image of a zerg unit in it's "natural" environment by the folks over at StarCraft Zone!

Terrans From Over The Years Artwork

Description: An awesome 1920x1200 pixel image of the StarCraft Universe's most famous Terran heroes! Made by StarCraft Zone's amazing artists.

The Protoss Motto Artwork

Description: A very nice image at 1920x1200 pixels of a StarCraft II unit, the Colossus, with a simply amazing quote and colorful background. Credit goes to the guys at StarCraft Zone for this wonderfully-made image.


Note: These links lead to the bots' official home or download pages, and may or may not be up-to-date, working at this time, or may require you to be registered and logged in to download.


Description: Advanced moderation bot with scripting, greeting, idling, and miscellaneous abilities that have almost no limitations to them, including trivia, tic-tac-toe, solving math equations, joining clans, keeping track of the time, and much more. StealthBot's built in queue system automatically prevents the bot from flooding, even when the user is chatting through it! Considered to be the number one most used bot on the Battle.Net gaming service. Created by Stealth.

l2uthless Ops

Description: Very advanced and very powerful moderation bot dedicated to keeping your channel and it's users under control! As StealthBot's biggest competitor, it is considered to be the second most used bot on the Battle.Net gaming service. It can also load multiple bots in one window, has an auto-update feature for new game patches, and has the ability to massload and flood channels. Created by l2k-Shadow.

Station 55

Description: Got trivia? This bot does! Equipped with the ability to allow editing and creation of new trivia files, as well as the conversion of Veeber's Trivia Bot's question files, Station 55 is the most advanced and used trivia bot known to the Battle.Net gaming service today! Unlike poor old Veeber's Trivia Bot, Station 55 and it's latest versions do NOT contain malware if downloaded from the bot's official website. It also includes a nice five-second anti-flood feature when the bot first connects and logs in to prevent an early ip-ban from the Battle.Net gaming service due to too many packets being sent too early. Created by Doom.