Clan Xperience

Clan-X On USEast And Rainbow Six: Vegas

Sunday, October 7Th, 2007 By SugarD-x

It's official: Clan-X is now on USEast as well as USWest! USEast will still have the same ranks as USWest for all members, but USEast will be headed up mainly by TNT_600-X. USWest will still be headed by myself, (SugarD-x), and the other leaders. I'll continue to drop in on USEast and check on you guys to see what's up! Come visit us in Clan IXI and Op Clan-X today!

As for the Rainbow Six announcement, thanks to a good friend of mine, Tenshi_Shikyo, Clan-X has just been extended to Rainbow Six: Vegas under his command! Thanks everyone for doing such a great job expanding Clan Xperience!

Clan-X Is Back

Thursday, August 30Th, 2007 By SugarD-x

Clan Xperience is back again with a vengence! We're recruiting again on USWest and we're working hard to bring things back to the way they used to be. Come to our channels and check us out! We're sure you'll be impressed with the results!


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