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Under Construction

Sunday, February 21St, 2010 By SugarD-x

Welcome to the site! Clan Xperience's website is currently under construction.
I have been working VERY hard on it lately and it's nearing completion, if not for a few minor bugs and missing features. It shouldn't be much longer now! We also have a master to-do list available for users to view, which has been recently reorganized and is now up-to-date on what's needed to completely finish the site. Enjoy!

By the way, you may have noticed that there's a new music player. (Music Player replaced with Clan-X Radio on 1/26/09)

The clan forums are now open!

The LDK has been integrated! See the bottom "League Of Xperience" section for links to the official Clan-X league's webpages!

The clan story has finally been added/updated and the members list is now complete! If I missed anyone or any information, please let me know as soon as possible!

I have moved the official channel statuses to the Online Channel Viewer page! If you're curious on the status of each of the official channels, head on over there and check it out!

P.S. Hope you had a very happy April Fools' Day, because I sure did! Hahaha! If you missed our's this year, check the forum's "News" section for the link to the Past April Fools' Day Jokes page!
Oh ya, and to note: I'm not leaving the clan, nor is it ever shutting down or dying. That was just my little prank from me and the clan, to you (2008)! Muahahahahahaha... >=-)
*Update: I'm still not leaving! The clan was not bought out either! Have another Happy April Fool's Day (2009)!*

4/23/08 - Welcome back Spartan-X! He just got back from the army and is ready to game once again!

5/4/08 - Clan IXI has been re-opened on USEast! It is led by xXx-X, who will still report to SugarD-x. All ranks and statuses remain the same, although xXx-X has the last say on USEast over all other members, not including SugarD-x.

6/17/08 - New ranking system going into effect. Please see this topic on the forums for more information.

1/26/09 - A major overhaul of the site has been completed, and the Music Player has been changed to Clan-X Radio. Listen in and enjoy!
Note: Clan IXI on USWest has been fixed and is open to users once again. USEast will be fixed as soon as possible.

ClanXperience.Com Is Back!!

Monday, January 18Th, 2010 By SugarD-x

Well, you guys won't believe this one! After years of fighting, struggling, and threatening with lawsuits and loss of customers, I have finally forced the old webhosts and adware-based sites to **** off and release ClanXperience.Com from their domain renewal list. At the time, the domain had gotten up to a total worth of around $5,000! Well, as of today, it is now back in our hands. I bought it for a mere $10 and some change off of GoDaddy's hosting. No worries for atleast another year! Anyway, the site will be edited, re-uploaded and rebuilt as I go along. The forums will also be repaired as soon as possible. Once everything is fixed, I will bring the radio station back online and our comeback will continue! Long live Clan Xperience! -X For Life!

Clan IXI Re-Opened!

Monday, December 10Th, 2007 By SugarD-x

Guess what guys? We have Clan IXI back again on USWest!!! It's open and we plan on fixing the little mishap with Clan IXI on USEast as soon as we can. Just to note: Kevin, also known as KBoy0 and KBoy-X, will no longer be allowed to associate with the clan as he is permanently banned unless he can give a good enough reason to have us allow him to stay, as well as a major apology on his part for the theft of our channel. Have fun guys!

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